Chris Dorr

It is no secret that the Internet disrupts all forms of mass media. Here I try to explain the shape of this disruption and what it means for media consumers (now often called users), media creators, new technology platforms and legacy media companies. Whether you are an indie filmmaker or a musician, Walt Disney Studios or CBS, you now create, distribute and market media in an ever shifting landscape. I write in order to better understand this landscape myself and to help others understand it as well.   If you have questions please comment on any blog post, reach me on twitter at @chrisdorr or email me at [email protected]. You can subscribe on the front page and automatically get my posts when I publish them.

I work on  digital media strategy and business development for media, technology and consumer electronics companies as well as start ups in media and technology. My work crosses all IP delivery platforms from mobile to TV. Selected engagements include Samsung, Viacom Networks, Shaw Media, The Sundance Institute, The Tribeca Film Festival, Canadian Film Centre and Visible Measures. I created the Future of Film blog at Tribeca.com.

I was a film executive at Walt Disney Studios, Universal Pictures and a producer at Scott Free.  I have worked in the online and mobile world for Intertainer, Sony Connect and Nokia.  Movies I produced include CLAY PIGEONS, WHERE THE MONEY IS and THE DEAL.