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At the Olympics, NBC Brings Us Survivor: We Really Want the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl shows us every year that no matter how “new” media advances in our lives, there is nothing like a live sporting event to get us to gather around the old fashioned TV and have a great time. … Continue reading

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Storytellers and Audiences: Back Together Again

Storytellers and audiences have entered into a new relationship with each other as the Internet continues to reshape our mass media landscape.  Whether it is the ability of a fan to directly fund a creative project, comment on a show, … Continue reading

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Cord Cutting but Were Afraid to Ask

This review also appears on PBS Mediashift. We have never really liked our local cable company. Over the years, many of us have wasted time waiting for the cable guy to show up to install or replace the box that … Continue reading

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Movie Theaters: The Last Unconnected Screen

We are in the midst of a vast transformation driven by the Internet that is radically changing how we view visual entertainment.  Every screen we use daily, be it a smart phone, a computer, a tablet or a TV is … Continue reading

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Filmmakers Need to Find a New Lens

Yesterday Sara Kiener wrote a great post on Hope for Film on the pros and cons of Kickstarting for Theatrical Distribution.  It led me to write this comment on the blog which I repost here in modified form. I have … Continue reading

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99% of All Filmmakers Should Crowd Fund

The original version of this piece appeared a year ago on  the Future of Film Blog at Tribeca, a blog I created and edited. There is nothing more frustrating and time consuming for a filmmaker than raising the money … Continue reading

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