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Media and a Strong Culture of Experimentation

Sometimes you read something that says it all. A group of sentences that you wish you had come up with (but sadly did not).   Yesterday I came across one of those gems while reading an interview with Amy O’Leary, recently … Continue reading

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When Did I Sign Up For This “Audience Development” Thing?

Peter Kafka of the WSJ recently interviewed Robert Kyncl, the man who heads up the channel initiative at YouTube.  Kyncl was asked about what he had learned from his experience at YouTube thus far.  He states: “Lesson one: Audience development … Continue reading

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At the Olympics, NBC Brings Us Survivor: We Really Want the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl shows us every year that no matter how “new” media advances in our lives, there is nothing like a live sporting event to get us to gather around the old fashioned TV and have a great time. … Continue reading

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Storytellers and Audiences: Back Together Again

Storytellers and audiences have entered into a new relationship with each other as the Internet continues to reshape our mass media landscape.  Whether it is the ability of a fan to directly fund a creative project, comment on a show, … Continue reading

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The Internet and Mass Media: Two Belief Systems

The battle that raged around the SOPA bill was fascinating to watch. There were a lot of blog posts and interviews full of bluster, confrontation, some sanctimonious, others nasty and yes, also informative. It is worth spending the time to … Continue reading

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The great untold story: Netflix is TV Everywhere!

Something very dramatic is going on and so far I have seen no good detailed reporting about it. Netflix is quietly becoming available on massive numbers of TV screens across the US and no one seems to be noticing. The … Continue reading

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In this digital age, what is a filmmaker?

Isn’t it curious in this age where more moving images get created and distributed digitally that there is this group of people who still call themselves “filmmakers”?  It seems a term that is so archaic, so analogue, so yesterday’s news. … Continue reading

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Media and Technology-3 Headlines Say It All!

If you wanted to know about the state of media and technology today-look no further than these three headlines in the New York Times on 3.3.10. Disney and Cablevision Take ABC Fight Public Apple Sues HTC, Saying It Violated Touch-Screen … Continue reading

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