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What should companies create, features or experiences?

When a technology company launches a new product, be it a device, a piece of software or a web based service they always talk about the features enabled by this new product.  They generate a list where all kinds of … Continue reading

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Will the TV spot ever be surpassed?

I have been involved many discussions about how to monetize video on the web for a long time. Many people believe that advertising will be the main model used to gain revenue for video on the web.  You hear a … Continue reading

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Bright Star: Can passion be unlocked on the screen and online?

When a filmmaker creates a movie, she brings many tools to unlock her artistic passion, which she attempts to capture on the screen.  These tools; the screenplay, the actors, the physical setting and the cinematography all combine to bring into … Continue reading

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Who is Zoe Keating and why should independent filmmakers care?

Several years ago, I left the movie business and entered the world of the internet and mobile.  Since then, independent filmmakers have often asked me about what they should do in this “new media” digital world.  As digital innovation has … Continue reading

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