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We Own Our Own Copyrights

The simplest distinction often tells us all we need to know.  In the music and film worlds there are artists who own the copyrights to their work and those who do not.  The music industry just honored Paul McGuiness, the … Continue reading

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Zoe Keating, “I want to be paid in data.”

Over two years ago, I wrote a post about Zoe Keating and why she was an artist that other artists (particularly filmmakers) could learn from.  Then she was a leader in using the Internet to distribute and make money from … Continue reading

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Who is Zoe Keating and why should independent filmmakers care?

Several years ago, I left the movie business and entered the world of the internet and mobile.  Since then, independent filmmakers have often asked me about what they should do in this “new media” digital world.  As digital innovation has … Continue reading

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