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What is Premium (Video) Content?

Video content continues to proliferate online. None of us can keep up with all of it, let alone most of it. In this environment, we hear the phrase, “content is king” uttered by countless defenders of the Hollywood industrial complex, … Continue reading

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Advice For a Potential Client (creating new IP in the age of social mobile video)

Last week I had an extensive discussion with a large cable network who wants to launch a new franchise online. Ideally this new franchise would work in many markets across the world, playable in multiple languages. We had a long … Continue reading

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Does TV Have Any Gifts Left for Its Viewers?

Netflix continues to challenge the distribution model of traditional, linear TV. Rich Greenfield points out in a recent blog post that plain old TV cannot catch a break from this onslaught. As he writes, “If you think of the core … Continue reading

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