The Film Experience Hackathon (and why you should attend)

Yesterday my twitter feed brought news of an event taking place on October 13-14 in NYC that anyone interested in film should attend.  As described on its web site:

The Film Experience Hackathon is a weekend-long event whereby hackers, filmmakers and visual artists will join forces to create new and innovative ideas in how technology can enhance the world of film.

The goal of this hackathon is to build hacks that bring together technology, multimedia, and data to enrich the end-to-end movie experience. Hacks must improve the overall experience of seeking out, watching, and engaging with movies.

Kudos to Marc Schiller and Bond Strategy and Influence for pulling this event together. Borrowing from the well known tradition of hacking within the software community, this hackathon hacks the movie experience.  It asks the question, how can our connected world more effectively discover and experience movies in all their forms-online and offline?

There is no one easy answer (or hack) to this question. A  hackathon is a practical approach to find solutions that have eluded us. It fosters group collaboration between people of diverse technical backgrounds whose creativity is focused over a short time frame to create ideas and prototypes.   This process accelerates learning and can lead to real products.

Innovation, experimentation and collaboration are sorely needed in the film world. This is a great example of how they can be fostered.

Here are the details.

It is free, so join in.

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  • Marc Schiller

    Thanks, Chris.  We’re excited about bringing together a group of diverse people to collaborate together on a future state for film.  Appreciate your support, as always.