Three Voices of Clarity on Net Neutrality

Since the January 14 court decision that overturned the FCC’s position on net neutrality many people have held forth on the issue.  Here are three who have addressed the issue in a clear manner and added insight to a topic that is hard to understand.

Susan Crawford, a law professor, spells out in Back To The Digital Drawing Board, that:

High-speed Internet access isn’t a luxury; it is basic infrastructure, like electricity, clean water and a functioning street grid, that is essential for the free market to function.”

And therefore needs to be protected.

Fred Wilson, a venture capitalist, paints a future scenario without net neutrality that chills innovation in his post, VC Pitches in a Year or Two

This is Internet 3.0. With yesterday’s court ruling saying that the FCC cannot implement the net neutrality rules they adopted a while back, this nightmare is a likely reality. Telcos will pick their preferred partners, subsidize the data costs for those apps, and make it much harder for new entrants to compete with the incumbents.”

LEAKED: The Internet Must Go,  is an entertaining film that surfaced on the Internet last fall.  Gena Konstantinakos, the director, takes a satirical approach.  The film features John Wooley, a market research employee of a cable company who sets out to prove that net neutrality is a bad idea.  Of course, he fails miserably.  It is a short, fun ride filled with information and sends up the laughable position of the cable industry.

So take a little time to check out these three voices of sanity and intelligence in the net neutrality debate. 


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