Media and Technology-3 Headlines Say It All!

If you wanted to know about the state of media and technology today-look no further than these three headlines in the New York Times on 3.3.10.

Disney and Cablevision Take ABC Fight Public

Apple Sues HTC, Saying It Violated Touch-Screen Patents for Phones

Viacom and Hulu Will Part Ways, Removing Comedy Central Shows From the Video Site

It is little too much coming apart, not enough coming together.

About Chris Dorr

I consult with companies on digital media strategy and business development. Clients include Samsung, MTV Networks, Tribeca Film Festival, Shaw Media and Canadian Film Center. I created the Future of Film blog for Tribeca. I have worked in the movie business for Disney Studios, Universal Pictures, Scott Free and in the digital media business for Intertainer, Sony and Nokia. Contact me at [email protected] or follow me at @chrisdorr
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