Sony announces SOS!

Today in the Wall Street Journal I saw that Sony has announced that it will soon be launching  a new media platform called Sony Online Service.  This service will offer TV shows, movies, songs and games to all its devices.

On January 2, 2001 Apple announced the launch of iTunes, the service that offers TV shows, movies, songs and games to all its devices (and to all PCs whether Apple or not).  In September 2009 it announced iTunes 9, the most recent version of the service.

So let me get this straight.  Apple is on version 9 of its service and Sony is just announcing the launch of its service (presumably to launch in 2010).  According to my math it has taken 9 years for Sony to simply replicate what Apple created. That is right-9 years.

Is this what they call-Speed to Market?

Survival in today’s marketplace requires innovation.  Innovation requires focus and speed in execution.

Perhaps there is a fundamental truth revealed in the letters of the new Sony Online Service, as Sony raises its flag and says-SOS!

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I consult with companies on digital media strategy and business development. Clients include Samsung, MTV Networks, Tribeca Film Festival, Shaw Media and Canadian Film Center. I created the Future of Film blog for Tribeca. I have worked in the movie business for Disney Studios, Universal Pictures, Scott Free and in the digital media business for Intertainer, Sony and Nokia. Contact me at [email protected] or follow me at @chrisdorr
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