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Advice For a Potential Client (creating new IP in the age of social mobile video)

Last week I had an extensive discussion with a large cable network who wants to launch a new franchise online. Ideally this new franchise would work in many markets across the world, playable in multiple languages. We had a long … Continue reading

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MoviePass: Who Needs Permission?

MoviePass, the movie subscription service, today announced a new feature that will vastly increase their subscriber base.  A detailed description of this new feature can be found here. Following is my short summary. MoviePass offers a monthly subscription plan priced … Continue reading

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Can Indie Film Achieve a Network Effect?

In a recent post entitled Networks And The Enterprise, Fred Wilson explains how his firm Union Square Ventures invests in networks. He included this line. My uber goal of writing this post is to explain that the wired and mobile … Continue reading

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“These pictures, by now familiar to the Court, remain the basic story of our case.”

The verdict on the Apple-Samsung lawsuit was delivered last Friday afternoon.  Many people are weighing in with verdicts on the verdict.  Some proclaim the end of innovation, others proclaim it is about to begin. Some try to pick the winners … Continue reading

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Storytellers and Audiences: Back Together Again

Storytellers and audiences have entered into a new relationship with each other as the Internet continues to reshape our mass media landscape.  Whether it is the ability of a fan to directly fund a creative project, comment on a show, … Continue reading

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Cord Cutting but Were Afraid to Ask

This review also appears on PBS Mediashift. We have never really liked our local cable company. Over the years, many of us have wasted time waiting for the cable guy to show up to install or replace the box that … Continue reading

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Why Babe Ruth and Michelangelo would love the iPad

Software engineers call it “user experience”, the phrase that describes the way human beings interact with computers. Unfortunately this “user experience” is often not the most “human” of experiences, as it seems designed more for engineers than regular people. Now … Continue reading

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What Is The Golden Triangle and Why Should Filmmakers Care?

Much of the most important innovation on the web today occurs within what some call the Golden Triangle. The three sides of this triangle are social, mobile and real time.  Though the poster children for this triangle are Facebook, the … Continue reading

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