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When TV Viewers Get Control

Netflix released the second season of the House of Cards Friday February 14, 2014.  All thirteen episodes were immediately available. My wife and I viewed 5 of them in one afternoon.  We plan to complete the season within the next … Continue reading

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Old, New and “Really Old” Media

One of the challenges in grappling with our current media environment, where old style mass media and new style Internet media collide and call each other out, is understanding how it is changing.  Generally we try to see how it … Continue reading

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The Memo Deep Inside HBO

Deep inside HBO’s New York offices is a memo that was originally created 5 years ago.  Each year it gets updated with new numbers and projections.  This document is controlled by its corporate strategy group and it lays out the … Continue reading

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The great untold story: Netflix is TV Everywhere!

Something very dramatic is going on and so far I have seen no good detailed reporting about it. Netflix is quietly becoming available on massive numbers of TV screens across the US and no one seems to be noticing. The … Continue reading

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Sony announces SOS!

Today in the Wall Street Journal I saw that Sony has announced that it will soon be launching  a new media platform called Sony Online Service.  This service will offer TV shows, movies, songs and games to all its devices. … Continue reading

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Media and Technology–3 Headlines Say It All!

If you wanted to know about the state of media and technology today–look no further than these three headlines in the New York Times on 3.3.10. Disney and Cablevision Take ABC Fight Public Apple Sues HTC, Saying It Violated Touch-Screen … Continue reading

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What should companies create, features or experiences?

When a technology company launches a new product, be it a device, a piece of software or a web based service they always talk about the features enabled by this new product.  They generate a list where all kinds of … Continue reading

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