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When TV Viewers Get Control

Netflix released the second season of the House of Cards Friday February 14, 2014.  All thirteen episodes were immediately available. My wife and I viewed 5 of them in one afternoon.  We plan to complete the season within the next … Continue reading

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When (and Why) Did I Start Paying for CBS?

The broadcast TV business model has always been very simple.  Convince a large number of people to view your show at the same time and advertisers will pay a lot for the right to get their attention. This is how … Continue reading

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Is ESPN worth what we are forced to pay?

Recently The New York Times revealed how much the typical cable operator (TWC or Comcast) pays per month for ESPN.  For each subscriber the operator pays $5.54 for ESPN and .70 for ESPN 2–a grand total of $6.24 per month.  … Continue reading

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The 1,000 True Fans Strategy

In the movie business, the audience is usually described as either mass or niche.  Typically, Hollywood movies seek a mass audience and independent movies seek a niche audience. Today, there is a new way of thinking about the audience that … Continue reading

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Are you Mister Jones?

In 1965 Bob Dylan released Ballad of the Thin Man, which contains this memorable three line chorus, “Because something is happening here. But you don’t know what it is. Do you, Mister Jones?” These lines were referenced in an excellent … Continue reading

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The great untold story: Netflix is TV Everywhere!

Something very dramatic is going on and so far I have seen no good detailed reporting about it. Netflix is quietly becoming available on massive numbers of TV screens across the US and no one seems to be noticing. The … Continue reading

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In this digital age, what is a filmmaker?

Isn’t it curious in this age where more moving images get created and distributed digitally that there is this group of people who still call themselves “filmmakers”?  It seems a term that is so archaic, so analogue, so yesterday’s news. … Continue reading

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What should companies create, features or experiences?

When a technology company launches a new product, be it a device, a piece of software or a web based service they always talk about the features enabled by this new product.  They generate a list where all kinds of … Continue reading

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